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Daughter of Apollo. Reyna fancast for Heroes of Olympus: Aftermath.

My writing doesn't inspire art. My art doesn't inspire writing.

For the people who are here for the Vulpix

the america to my canada

the dog to my cat

sailor senshi

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do u ever have that default username that you always use and if a site already has it taken youre like . speechless

i might go to bed soon my eyes hurt and stuff is blurry and it’s just too hot to be awake tbh


More Aobaba cuz I’m addicted to track 6 on this ost..

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You cannot even try to tell me that you didn’t think they were about to kiss because they were seriously about to.

Especially the 2nd gif.

  • The way Stiles looks at Derek’s lips and nods slightly.
  • The way Derek’s eyes skit around looking at Stiles’ facial expressions.
  • The way Derek swallows almost nervously

this post is flawless

Ugh god

Jeff, the Cockblocker of the universe. Dumbass writers throwing magic away.

you exist u.u kissssses



If anybody spoils Blood of Olympus for me I will find you, eat your copy of the book, and then introduce you to Riptide and Katoptris and all kinds of pain.

That is all.

aggressively fans your face ;; kisses you everywhere

you my dear are a blessing what did i do to deserve a friend like you ;;

are you feeling better? ;;

somewhat it’s just so hot mia comfort me ;;


Kιттeɴ ♥

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drink lots of water ;;

doing so ;;

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